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Marco's Caricatures

TPV Cyber Craft Fair December 2001

All these items were created by Marco's Caricatures.  If you have any questions that aren't answered below, please email them here.  DO NOT contact The Purple Vision.  All transactions are between this crafter and the buyer.  

The Purple Vision is not responsible for unpaid or undelivered items.  

Marco's Caricatures donated $10 in purchasing this cyber table.  

So please support Marco's Caricatures in their craft endeavors!

Thanks again for all your support!!

10% of each caricature will go to Gina's favorite charity, JNN.

*Be a Shining Star!*
Have your Caricature done with your favorite Backstreet Boy!!

You and your favorite Backstreet Boy (or anyone else you desire)!

Face Only                                     Face and Body
$16.00 for black and white            $24.00 for black and white  
$24.00 for color                            $36.00 for color

*Price includes shipping and handling

Have your self drawn in AJ's tattooed arms or sailing on the Florida Seas with NICK.  Have HOWIE handing you a rose, or BRIAN serenading you in the moonlight.  You can even be with KEVIN as royalty, a King and Queen.  

It's up to you!--you can choose any scene you wish!

HowieandMe.jpg (535154 bytes)

Howie & Toni

AJandGina.jpg (87837 bytes)

AJ & Gina

Brian Caricature.jpg (89627 bytes)

Brian & Kimberly

Nick Caricature.jpg (91559 bytes)

Nick & Julie

This is not just for female fans.  Guys, be drawn in your favorite football uniform with your favorite Backstreet Boy, or as wrestlers WWF style!  The possibilities are endless.  (face and body option)

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