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Together . . . we see hope for the future

START SAVING THOSE PENNIES. . .clean out your couch, garage and other places you can find loose change. . .check out why here!

The Purple Vision's Mascot :)

Here is how we are going to raise money for DLF during this event!

In order to set a cruise astrosphere and win some fun stuff, we have created a party packet for everyone to join in on the Cyber Cruise.

Each packet has the following items: (Bingo cards/game have be removed from this event due to unforeseen productions--we hope to be able to do Bingo again in January)

5 raffle tickets, Hand Towel w/TPV logo, a drinking umbrella, a fishy drinking straw, a couple of sea shells, a TPV pencil, some fishes bubbles, and lei. 

We will be selling our packets for ONLY $20 each. But ONLY 150 will be made and sold!!! Due to time and man power. $3.50 going to supplies, rest to DLF (yes, that would be $16.50 to DLF!). 

People can purchase raffle tickets separately at $1.00 a piece, or 6 for $5.00.  All proceeds go into DLF funds from raffle tickets sales.

To purchase any of the above items, you can paypal ( or through (see information on this option under our Contact link on the left) or email us for the address to send a payment in.  Now we aren't a bank, so we will hold checks for 10 business to make sure they clear the bank.

All packets will be mailed out the week of November 19th thru December 5th.  Last day to order packets will be November 30th.  We know everyone should get them before December 15th!!  Now if you are out of the states, last date for orders is November 21st, and will mail them out on the 23rd.

Look at the Auctions & Raffle page to see all the details on the raffles.

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