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The Purple Vision's Cyber Craft Fair

Continuing all through December, 2001

Do you need to make a little extra holiday cash?

 Do you have some crafts items hanging around to get rid of? 

Don't want to dragged them to your local craft fair? 


Be apart of a new type of Craft Fair, a Cyber Craft Fair! Read below to learn more about this exciting fair and be apart of a bigger picture and helping out a charitable organization, the Dorough Lupus Foundation. 

Cyber Craft Fair Two ways to donate/raise funds:

1.  Crafter can pay a flat $10.00 fee for design of web page hosted at TPV site.  This page will include up to 15 pictures of items. Crafter can sell as many as they desire of these items. All monies sold are the crafters, all the $10.00 will go directly to DLF.  To see an example of a cyber table, view any of the above crafters!

2.  Donated craft items.  All donated items must be received into TPV hands by November 9th, in order to be sold on the web site.  All donated items will be on a separate web page and all funds will be sent to TPV directly.  All proceeds go directly to DLF.  See all donated items here.  DONATED ITEMS

Please download further guidelines and entry form, here.

Need Acrobat Reader, if you don't have it download at or email us and we will send you a text document.

Still have questions, please feel free to email us!

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