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Together . . . we see hope for the future

START SAVING THOSE PENNIES. . .clean out your couch, garage and other places you can find loose change. . .check out why here!

The Purple Vision's Mascot :)


Set sail with us on our 1st Cyber Cruise!

Unable to join Howie and his family on the 2nd Annual DLF Cruise?  Don't fear, we have created our own cruise and it will save you a bundle and benefit  DLF at the same time!

Our boat pulls out of the dock December 15th and returns on the 21st, just the like DLF Cruise.

We have something going on everyday of the cruise here in cyber space.  In conjunction with Howie's cruise, we too will have auctions, raffles, games and prizes.  All in the comfort of your home.  No sand between the toes and no worry for Mr. D seeing you in a bathing suit :)

So in order to enjoy the full extend of our Cyber Cruise, we are offering a special Cruise Party Packet, only during the month of November.  Check out the details.

We hope you join us on this fun journey and raise money and awareness for DLF!

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